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House Fire - Waterside Development
Tuesday, April 8, 2003

On Tuesday April 8th 2003 at 1825 hrs, the Millville and Bethany Beach Fire Companies along with the Sussex County Paramedics were dispatched to a ?Structure Fire? at number 2 Waterside Drive in the Waterside Development outside of Ocean View. 84-2 responded within 3 minutes with 1st Asst. Chief Droney onboard. Sussex EOC advised that the house was under construction and there was smoke reported coming from the second floor. E2 arrived in four minutes and reported a two story wood frame with light smoke showing from the second floor. E2?s crew of three led off with a 1-3/4 hand line and entered the structure and started to the second floor. Truck84 arrived next and was assigned to put the truck in service, ladder the roof and remove the side 1 gable vent. Deputy 84, Huovinen was placed in charge of interior operations. The truck crew attempted several times to remove the vent, which turned out to be artificial and for decoration purposes only. They immediately went to the side 4 roof pitch and proceeded to open the roof up with an adequate ventilation hole. E2?s crew under direction of Rescue Lt. Kauffman advised that they found darkened dry wall and heat in a rear bedroom and upon opening the walls up found burning ceiling joists and plywood, which were extinguished rapidly. As they searched the attic space they found an electrical unit along the side 3 wall, which had also suffered heat damage and appeared to have been where the bulk of the fire had originated. On Quint 70?s arrival they laid in with 300? of 5? hose and placed a positive pressure ventilation fan in the front door. Crews from Engine 84-1 and Quint 70 provided lighting to the interior crews and then were held in a manpower pool for crew rehab if needed. Rescue 70, E70-3, E84-4 and Tanker 84 were staged at the entrance to prevent scene congestion and E84-4 and R70 then were reassigned to a cover up assignment for Station 84. E70-3 and Tanker 84 were placed in service once the fire had been located and contained. FM16 Magee arrived quickly and initiated his investigation while crews placed their equipment back into service. The cause remains under investigation and damage was estimated at $5,000.00. The house was not occupied, as of yet and there were no reported injuries. The Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City Fire Companies provided cover-ups2 to Bethany?s two stations. Units responding: E84-2, Truck84, E84-1, R84, Tanker84, E84-4, B84, Quint70, R70, E70-3, SCEMS-105, DSFP, DSFM, Eng/Tanker 86-5 and Ocean City E4.

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