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MVA with ejection - Vines Creek Rd. S/O Holts Landing Rd.
Sunday, July 4, 2004

On Sunday July 4th at 0209am the MVFC and Sussex County Paramedics were dispatched to a reported serious MVA with two subjects ejected. B84 arrived on scene at 0215 and advised of one DOA, one Priority 1 out of the vehicle and two occupants of a second vehicle that appeared to be minor. E84-4 under the direction of 1st Asst. Chief Droney arrived at 0216. E4's crew split to assist EMS with patient care and also to control hazards. Asst Chief Droney requested a second Ambulance to the scene that brought B73 (Dagsboro) whom was returning from Millville ER. Rescue 84 under the direction of 2nd Asst. Chief Scott arrived shortly thereafter and provided additional scene lighting and manpower. EMS 200 (West Side EMS Supervisor) initiated treatment for the two occupants of the second vehicle while both medics from 105 were caring for the most seriously injured of the four patients. Vines Creek Rd. was immediately shut down from the St. Georges Church to the west side of the scene at Holt's Landing Rd. DELDOT was requested to the scene for traffic control due to the amount of time it was going to take for investigators to complete the accident investigation as well as the massive clean up. One priority 1 patient was transported to a Maryland Trauma Facility while the two occupants of the second vehicle were transported to a Delaware hospital for evaluation. The State Medical Examiners Office took custody of the fatality's body while the scene was turned over to the DSP FAIR team. Fire units remained on scene until 0445am providing lighting and assisting in clean up. Initial speculation from the investigation is that speed was an obvious factor in this unfortunate holiday crash. Vines Creek Rd. (DE26) was re-opened at 0500 for normal traffic patterns. Units responding; B84, E84-4, Rescue84, Brush84, B73, Medic 105, EMS 100, EMS 200, DSFP, DSP, OVPD, Medical Examiner's Office, DELDOT.

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