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Construction throughout the district - 2nd Edition
Monday, July 12, 2004

2nd Asst. Chief Scott continues to document the massive growth in the Millville Fire District by visiting developments and buildings under construction while using photos to bring the viewer a first hand look at the challenges that the Millville Firefighters are facing. SOUTHHAMPTON Picture 1 ? The Southhampton development is a mixture of single family homes and 3 story townhouses. This is a view of a typical townhouse looking west from the cul-d-sac on East Chester Court. Picture 2 ? This is a picture of the rear access to the building. Notice the decks at the rear, the initial arriving officer always needs ?take a lap? to access the potential rescue situation. Picture 3 ? 1st Floor construction on a new townhouse, These townhouses have a concrete block firewall on the ground level and a double drywall firewall the rest of the way up to the underside of the roof between each unit. Picture 4 ? This is a picture of a typical concrete block firewall and sawn joist floor construction. This is NOT typical of most townhouses in the area which typically use truss floor construction. Picture 5 ? This picture shows an I-beam set into the concrete block fire wall. Special attention should be paid in this area to cool the I-beam in the event it is subjected to fire. Picture 6 ? These townhouses contain a 13D (dwelling) sprinkler system. A 13D sprinkler system is only required to protect living areas of the townhouse. The attic and non-living areas are not protected. This is a picture of the alarm bell on the exterior of building. This rings when the sprinkler system is activated. It may be tied into an individual alarm system or not monitored at all. Picture 7 ? This is a picture of the sprinkler riser in a closet located on the ground level. This would be the sprinkler system control point. Also note that a 13D system does not require a fire department connection to supplement the water flow, there are no connections on the buildings. Picture 8 ? View of a typical townhouse building looking east on East Chester Court. Picture 9 ? This is a picture of the truss roof construction, note the drywall firewall running to the underside of roof. Remember: BEWARE THE TRUSS. Anytime fire involves the truss space, firefighters should be removed for underneath and above the involved areas. Picture 10 ? This is a picture of the 13D sprinkler pipe. It is orange in color. Picture 11 ? This is a picture of a typical stairway. The stairway is stacked from the ground to the 3rd floor, allowing easy smoke travel to all floors. Picture 12 ? This is a picture of a typical drywall firewall, notice the HVAC duct chase running from the ground to the 3rd floor. Picture 13 ? This is a picture of a box of sprinkler heads ready to be installed. The heads are rated at 155 degrees and flow between 12-24 gpm each.

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