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MVA w/entrapment - Atlantic Ave. and West Ave.
Saturday, August 21, 2004

On Saturday August 21st the MVFC and Sussex County Paramedics were dispatched to an MVC at Atlantic Ave. and West Ave. in Ocean View. 84-18 (Johnson) was the first to arrive and found a three car accident with two persons trapped in separate vehicles. Command assigned E4 the extrication of the white vehicle and Rescue84 the extrication of the blue car. Command also advised Sussex EO of a Level 1 MCI. Medic 105 arrived and 105-1 (Hoke) established EMS Control while 105-2 (Miller) triaged the injured. Station 90 and Station 73 were both alerted for BLS units and the East Side Supervisor (EMS 100) was also dispatched. Four patients were transported by B/C 84 and B90 to an area medical facility for evaluation, while one patient refused treatment. Trooper 2 was placed in service by Command. While units were clearing the scene 2 additional Priority Medical Calls were dispatched in Millville. A90 responded to the Millville Station for a Priority 1 Cardiac Patient and B73 was released from the scene to respond with Rescue84 to another Priority 1 Cardiac Patient. Units responding; 8418, E84-4, Rescue84, B/C 84, A/B 90, B73, Medic 105, EMS 100, TPR2, DSFP, OVPD, BBPD

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