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AFA / GAS LEAK - Magnolia's
Sunday, May 7, 2006

On May 7th, 2006 units responded to the Magnolia's Restaurant on Cedar Neck Rd., for an AFA. Upon arrival Chief Temple established Command and had the first engine take a position at the sprinkler connection with a 2 person crew for investigation. Initial investigation revealed a strong odor of smoke on the second floor as well as propane. Carbon Monoxide readings were taken as crews searched for the source and they reached as high as 600ppm which is an extremely high reading. As additional units arrived apparatus was placed in offensive positions, Truck Captain Hammond was assigned Operations and crews assisted in ventilation as well as utility control. The problem was found to be a hot water heater that had malfunctioned causing the sprinkler head to activate in the closet which then extinguished the heaters pilot light and enough gas escaped to cause the high readings that firefighters encountered. The scene was placed under control and the building turned over to staff for needed repairs. Units responding; 84-8, Eng 84-6, Truck 84, Eng/Tanker 84-4, Rescue 84, C84, DSFP, Conectiv, Sharp Energy. Eng 90-5 provided a one engine cover assignment to Station 84.

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