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MVC with Submersion - Cedar Neck Rd and Fred Hudson Rd
Wednesday, June 7, 2006

On Wednesday, June 7 at 6:02 a.m., the Millville Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to a single vehicle accident at the intersection of Cedar Neck and Fred Hudson Roads. The vehicle was reported to be submersed in the water. Additional information provided during the response indicated that two occupants of the vehicle were out and appeared to be trying to remove what was thought to be an additional victim. The occupants of the vehicle fled the scene prior to the arrival of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company. Due to the information provided to Chief Graig Temple as he was responding to the scene, he requested the dive teams from the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company, and Ocean City Dive Rescue Unit be dispatched for a possible water rescue. Chief Temple arrived to find the vehicle submersed in a retention pond in the Bayside At Bethany Lakes development. Operations were immediately established for a water rescue. The first diver from the Millville Volunteer Fire Company on the scene did an initial search in and around the vehicle checking for a victim, but did not locate one. As other divers from the Millville Volunteer Fire Company arrived and entered the water, they conducted an additional search around the vehicle as they waited for divers from the Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company and Ocean City to reach the scene. Once these companies arrived, Chief Temple organized a search of the entire retention pond. As the divers were completing their search, information was relayed to Chief Temple stating the police had located the occupants of the vehicle, and they confirmed no one else was with them. The search was terminated immediately and operations were shifted to the recovery of the vehicle. The incident scene was turned over the Delaware State Police.

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