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Brush Fire - 34000 Block of Bethany Drive in Plantation Park
Monday, February 23, 2009

At 1:51p.m. on Monday, February 23, the Millville Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to a brush fire in the 34000 Block of Bethany Drive in Plantation East. Equipment began responding within one minute of the dispatch. The responders arrived to a small brush fire located between two mobile homes. The fire was caused by ashes from a wood stove discarded in the yard. Slight damage was done to the vinyl skirting around the owner’s trailer. Deputy Chief Doug Scott directed the attack on the fire. The situation was declared under control at 2:15 p.m. This is a good opportunity to remind all residents who burn a wood stove to dispose of their ashes in a safe manner. Ashes can either be placed in a metal container away from combustible materials until they are cool, or they can be placed on the ground away from combustible materials and doused with water until cooled. “DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS PROUDLY SERVING OUR COMMUNITY”

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