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Bethany Bay Donation - Station 1-Atlantic Avenue
Friday, July 29, 2011

On Friday, July 29, 2011, Bethany Bay Property Manager Dave Baldo of EXCEL Property Management and Bethany Bay Facilities Manager Madge Paterson met with Millville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Richie Walls and presented him with a $120 donation. On July 16 the Bethany Bay Homeowners Association conducted their 1st Annual Golf Tournament for the new Bethany Bay golf course, which recently has gone through a number of improvements after being taken over by the homeowners. Part of the tournament was a 50-50 fundraiser for the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, which ended up being a 100% donation. Since the Millville Volunteer Fire Company relies heavily on donations to support its fire and ambulance operations, Chief Richie Walls gladly accepted this monetary gift for the company. Bethany Bay Golf Club is a nine-hole Par-3 semi-private course with yardages from 100 to 180 yards. For more information on the Bethany Bay Golf Club, go to “DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS PROUDLY SERVING OURCOMMUNITY”

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