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Members honored at Joshua M. Freeman Valor Luncheon - Difebo's Bistro on the Green at Bear Trap Dunes
Friday, February 10, 2012

On June 18, 2011 the Millville Volunteer Fire Company started the day off with a MVC with entrapment with possibly two priority one patients.  One patient died on scene, and the other was extricated and air lifted to Christiana Hospital.  While getting its equipment back in service around 11:09 a.m., the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, Medic 105, Medic 109 and Life Net 2 were dispatched to a drowning at the Murrays Haven pool.  The helicopter had just landed at Station 1 to drop off Medic Eric Houvinen from the previous incident.  Medics Jordan Dattoli and Eric Houvinen were on Medic 109 at Station 84.  EMT/FF Amber Gentry was on A-84, and EMT/FF Keith Baker was on the second ambulance.  The incident report comes in stating a 3-year old (Clay Metro) was found at the deep end of the swimming pool and was in cardiac arrest.  Paramedics arrived on scene and confirmed cardiac arrest.  EMT/FF’s Baker and Gentry arrived a short time after in two separate ambulances.  All BLS and ALS providers did an exceptional job controlling the scene and providing the best possible care they could.  One of the Medics stated that EMT/FF Amber Gentry was a key player in keeping everyone calm and focused.   After a short period of CPR and ALS interventions, Clay regained pulses and agonal respirations.  The responders continued their care and prepared Clay for a transport to John’s Hopkins Children Hospital via Life Net 2. 

On Monday July 4th at 8:30 a.m., the Metro family visited the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.  Most of the emergency personnel who treated Clay on June 18 were there to meet him.  Clay is a strong, outstanding young man and is doing very well. During Clay’s visit we had a wonderful time and presented him with his own official fire jacket and helmet from Station 84, along with some gifts from the EMT’S.  The great news in this incident is Clay is expected to make a full recovery.

In a debriefing of the incident the following day, it was learned that Clay had just had lunch and was sitting in a chair wrapped in a towel relaxing.  When family members noticed Clay was missing, they started to look for him.  Their worst fears materialized when Clay was found in the deep end of the pool still wrapped in a towel. The family believes he walked over to the pool’s edge and tripped or fell over the towel. Clay has had swimming lessons, but due to being wrapped up in a towel, he was unable to help himself.

It is the belief of the Members and Officers of Millville Volunteer Fire Company, as well as the Metro family, that without the Paramedics, EMT’s and the Flight Team’s heroic actions on June 18, the outcome of Clay Metro would not have been the same. It was their quick response and outstanding patient care that kept Clay Metro with us and being able to enjoy his family for many years to come.  Consequently, the Officers of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company nominated Career FF/EMT Keith Baker, Sr. and Career FF/EMT Amber Gentry for the EMT of the Year award, which they received with honor.

 The Officers of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company also nominated Robert T. Derrickson for the Fireman of the Year award.  Robert joined the fire company on August 19, 1975.  Since then he has served on several committees, too numerous to list.  Robert was appointed as a dispatcher for 1977- 1980 and has held the position of Chief Dispatcher since 1981.  He became the Fire Recorder in January 1978 and has served in that capacity since then.  Robert served as an Ambulance Lieutenant from 1981-1986.  There is no doubt Robert has been a valuable asset to the Millville Fire Company and has served under many Fire Chiefs.  Robert T. Derrickson received his award with honor, with the Millville Volunteer Fire Company being very proud of his accomplishments and dedication.

Once all of the awards were given out to the nominees from the local Emergency services, including Police, Fire and EMS, there was one last award to be given, the Joshua M. Freeman Valor Award.  This year’s Valor Award was presented to Millville Volunteer Fire Company Career FF/EMT's Amber Gentry and Keith Baker, Sr. for their efforts in helping to save the life of Clay Metro on June 18, 2011.  Clay’s parents Laura and Matt Metro were in attendance and spoke briefly to the audience about their unforgettable and life-changing experience with the Emergency service provided to their family.


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