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Chief Doug Scott Has Millville Volunteers Ready For Snow Storm Emergencies
Thursday, March 6, 2014

Millville Volunteer Firefighters Ready During Storm… On Sunday Night March 2nd Doug Scott, Fire Chief of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, sent a message out requesting members to staff both the main station in Millville, as well as the company’s other station in Clarksville, on Monday March 3rd during the impending winter storm. “Normally our members respond from home or their job during alarms,” said Chief Scott, a veteran of the Millville Fire Company since 1978. “But with the severity predicted, we wanted as many members in place at both firehouses prior to an alarm. We know snow and ice on the roads leads to delayed responses from our members from both homes and jobs, as well as the conditions slow the response of the fire and EMS units,” Scott went on to say further. The members of the Millville Fire Company answered the call as they do so many times with increasing frequency. “We had 30 members starting at 7:00 AM on Monday who staffed several of the units that would respond to varying types of emergencies,” Chief Scott indicated. Millville also increased staffing of its career personnel to ensure rapid emergency medical response from both the main station, as well as the Clarksville Station. During the worst of the storm, which lasted till early evening, the Millville Fire Company responded to 6 alarms. There were no significant events in the Millville Fire District. The Engine from the Millville station did respond to Roxanna to assist on a motor vehicle accident. During breaks between calls, members at both stations participated in drills for both fire and EMS skills. As the storm began to subside in the early evening, some members left for their homes, as well as jobs. About 8 members stayed in the overnight hours between both stations to continue to ensure a timely response for calls for service. “This storm also gave us a chance to begin utilizing some Incident Management concepts in regards to personnel and cost tracking,” according to Chief Scott. “Incident Action Plans, personnel tracking, as well as cost tracking are critical during large scale, or wide area impact events like Superstorm Sandy,” Chief Scott said. “I am thankful to both our community for the support they have shown us over the years, as well as the members and career staff of the Millville Fire Company for their hard work and continued dedication to fulfilling our mission to provide EMS and fire protection to the residents, businesses, and visitors of the Millville and surrounding areas,” Chief Scott went on to say. "Dedicated Volunteers Proudly Serving Our Community"