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Sussex County Phoenix Club
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On May 27, 2014, the Sussex County Ambulance Association and Sussex County Paramedics joined together to host the Sussex County Phoenix Club Awards Ceremony at the Seaford Volunteer Fire Company in Seaford,  Delaware. The Phoenix Club annually recognizes survivors, emergency personnel, and bystanders for their efforts in saving a life. The Phoenix Award generated from the mythical phoenix that is reborn from its ashes. On many calls, public safety personnel might be able to get a pulse on the scene. However, the Phoenix Award recognizes those situations where the patient is able to walk out of the hospital fully functioning after a life threatening event. The Millville Volunteer Fire Company was proud to have seven recipients who were recognized for their life saving efforts. The individuals recognized were Wally Evans, Megan Hudson, Amber Bare, Marissa Carmelo, Steve Gilbert, Jacquelyn Marshall and Keith Baker, Sr.

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