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2018 Fire Company Election Results
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Your Millville Volunteer Fire Company is proud to announce the recent election and appointment results for 2018.
Fire Line Officers
Fire Chief: Richie Walls
Deputy Chief: Paul Sterling
1st Asst. Chief: Andrew Klink
2nd Asst. Chief: Ty Webb
3rd Asst. Chief: Doug Scott
Truck Capt: Todd Hickman
Rescue Lt.: Tyler Bare
Truck Lt.: Greg Hocker
Chief Engineer: Dave Carr
Fire-Police Capt: Jack Melson
Dive Captain: Guy Cooper
Dive Lt.: Frank Rickards
PIO: Tony Petralia
Administrative Officers
President: Clarke Droney
Vice President: Norman Amendt
Secretary: Cindy Blades
Tresurer: Brian Mushrush
Financial Sec: Ralph Hitchens
Asst. Recording Sec: Harold lloyd
Board of Directors
Randy Powell-Chairman
Harry Warburton-Co Chairman
Steve Maneri
Cindy Blades
Marshal Lewis Sr.
Donald Welsh