Douglas Scott

Doug Scott joined the Millville Volunteer Fire Company in 1978 as a Junior Firefighter at the young age of 16. Even at that early age, Doug displayed a real passion for serving his community as a volunteer firefighter. Thirty-seven years later at the age of 53, Doug Scott is still going strong in serving his community as a volunteer firefighter and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Doug is not someone who just puts in a little time here and there when an emergency in the community occurs. He has been an active member in the fire company since he joined in 1978, and he continues to be in the fore front of being a leader. Since Doug has been in the fire service with the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, he has been very active as a line officer for the membership. Doug has been the Fire Chief on several occasions, as well as an Assistant Chief, Fire Lieutenant, Rescue Captain, Rescue Lieutenant, Truck Captain, Ambulance Clerk, and Assistant Secretary.